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March 2008

Live! Primary Night Talking Web Heads (And Some You Can't See)

“There is no better sign that we have entered an era of total media convergence than the decision by The Washington Post and Newsweek to host live video broadcasts on the Web of the presidential primary results.”

New York Times Bits Blog 3/4/2008

February 2008

Primary Coverage and a Green Valentine’s Day

“You can check out the usual suspects… or you can set your clock for appointment viewing for 7 p.m. ET, when the Washington Post offers live online video coverage of the day of voting.”

TV Week, 2/12/2008

Super Tuesday: A Voter's Guide To Election Coverage on the Web

“The Post has a great map that illustrates the strategic significance of the various regions of the country to the candidates. It also has poll closing times, in case you haven't voted yet.”

Wired, 2/5/2008

WashingtonPost.com’s live streaming coverage

“As the Post promised, the goal was to “put breaking news in perspective… I applaud them for offering an alternative for their users.”

Lost Remote, 2/5/2008

Super Tuesday big online Pubs expanding focus on the Web

“On the night when some 50% of presidential primaries and caucuses occur, Newsweek and the Post will be putting their big editorial guns in front of webcams for six continuous hours of live coverage, which the BBC will simulcast to its stations around the world.”

Variety, 2/3/2008

Super Tuesday also 'webby'

“Added to the myriad news options on Super Tuesday will be a new entrant: live coverage streamed online from WashingtonPost.com and Newsweek.”

Hollywood Reporter, 2/2/2008

Multimedia components enhance journalists’ abilities to present compelling stories online

“Some take a simple approach to digital storytelling and patch together the pieces, adding videos to blogs or slideshows to articles. Some newspaper Web sites, such as washingtonpost.com, have embraced complex multimedia presentations.”

Newspaper Association of America, 2/1/2008

January 2008

Washington Post Starts an Online Magazine for Blacks

“The Root’s emphasis on genealogy will set it apart from those competitors...”

The New York Times, 1/28/2008

The Root is planted: black opinion, news and culture

The Root is… “an ambitious new online magazine that focuses on African American culture, politics and genealogy. The site's design evokes one of the Root's principle themes: the exploration of African American ancestry.”

Los Angeles Times, 1/28/2008

Washington Post Launches ‘The Root’

The Root features: “…commentary from leading black writers, along with information on genealogy.”

AP, 1/28/2008

December 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: Political Bloggers at Newspaper Sites Help Drive 2008 Campaign Coverage?

“Then there's Chris Cillizza, a full-timer at The Washington Post's blog "The Fix." Among the first (since 2005) and best-known political bloggers…”  When posting scoops great and small: “Cillizza's story that Pat Robertson had endorsed Rudy Giuliani made even his own newspaper's top political staff take a new look at the power of the site.”

Editor& Publisher, 12/17/2007

September 2007

Newspapers are going 'widget'-happy

“For newspapers, widgets represent a huge new opportunity to draw in new readers and to boost their brands throughout the Internet. They're one of the fastest-growing trends on the Internet…”

AP, 9/17/2007

July 2007

Can the Washington Post survive?

“The Washington Post, a first-class newspaper that dominates its local market, has the best shot of any at reinventing journalism for the Internet.”

Fortune, 7/26/2007

How Local Can You Go?

“The Washington Post earned renown for breaking national- and world-shaking news...”

Forbes, 7/16/2007

The Washington Post to Trade in Hyperlocal News on the Web

“The Washington Post, well known for its detailed coverage of the White House and global affairs...”

New York Times, 7/16/2007

Going LoCo

Regarding LoudounExtra.com: “Key to the project, though, is data that Google can't reach…. how many other traditional news organisations are working on models for innovation like this?”

Financial Times “Tech Blog,” 7/16/2007

Washington Post goes 'hyperlocal' in Loudoun

“The new site, LoudounExtra.com…builds on the paper's reputation for successfully segmenting the paper to create advertising zones affordable to small local businesses.”

San Francisco Chronicle, 7/16/2007

June 2007

In Production: Slate V

“Slate… plans to produce at least one new video a day for Slate V” and “Nissan's Infiniti has signed up to be the site's exclusive sponsor…”

Wall Street Journal, 6/1/2007

April 2007

As Environmentalism Grows, Online Publishers Go Green

“And The Post has been, bar none, the most innovative newspaper company when it comes to online.”

The New York Times, 4/23/2007

February 2007

onBeing: Nice Take on Creating Community

Regarding OnBeing: “It's fun, it's interesting, it's interactive and it's community -- a great example of what multimedia journalism is all about.”

Poynter.org, 2/17/2007

August 2006

Print journalists urged to explore online tools

As online journalism grows in importance, more print journalists are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory filled with terms such
as podcasts and blogs.

NABJ News Blog - Indy 2006

WAPO Online Revenue Soars 36%

..The Post's online ad revenues grew faster than some of its rivals. At The New York Times Co., for instance, online ad revenue for The New York Times Media Group, New England Media Group, and Regional Media Group grew 25 percent in the second quarter..

The Post Co., which owns Newsweek and online magazine Slate.com, has experimented with a variety of cutting-edge online initiative...”


Marketing Vox

Washingtonpost.com Inks Deal with Inform

“We’re always in search of innovative ways to engage users and lead them deeper into our quality content,” said Caroline Little, CEO and publisher of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.

London Telegraph

New York Times

Caroline Little, Arianna Huffington Keynote Panelists at BlogHer 06


July 2006  

Caroline Little Leads Innovation Seminar at American Press Institute

American Press Institute

 Washingtonpost.com Video Docs Nominated for Two Emmys

“All of the nominees represent an expansion of the franchise of highly respected news organizations – but in most cases they are news organizations that are not primarily known for their television news and documentary coverage,” said Peter Price, President/CEO of the National Television Academy. “This is indicative of the seismic change the television industry is going through, with the growth of the Internet, cellphones and portable media players as credible news and entertainment sources.”

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

USA Today

Washingtonpost.com Congressional Votes Database Wins Knight Batten Award for Editorial Innovation

An interactive map displays this year's congressional and gubernatorial races. The map provides candidate profiles, background information, district demographics and links to campaign finance records.

Knight Batten Foundation



Washingtonpost.com Comments on Articles “A Hit”

Editor & Publisher

Brave New Media World

Post Global – An Experiment in Global Collaborative Journalism

The Washington Post Company and washingtonpost.com are continually engaged in product innovation -- using technology to redefine "news" as dynamic, conversational, contextual content which is networked with related content across the internet (especially the blogosphere, but also including their other properties, Slate and Newsweek), and linked with their other media properties

Chez Nadezdha


June 2006   

Washingtonpost.com Wins Third Consecutive Edward R.Murrow Award

For the third successive year, washingtonpost.com has received the Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence for Non-Broadcast Affiliated Website. The award is given by the Radio and Television News Directors Association for excellence in broadcast journalism.

Yahoo Finance

Washingtonpost.com and Technorati Partner on “Buzz Map”

Washingtonpost.com (http://www.washingtonpost.com) and the global blogosphere authority Technorati have partnered to launch a new dynamic feature that presents the most current blog posts about opinions published by a range of news sites and bloggers around the world.

Yahoo Finance

May 2006  

Washingtonpost.com Wins Eppys

Washingtonpost.com picked up three Eppy awards at the Interactive Media Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas: Best Overall Newspaper-Affiliated site, Best Internet Classified Service (for their Cars section) and Best Internet Community Service Effort (for their database of congressional votes going back to 1991

Mediabistro/Fishbowl DC 

March 2006  

Washingtonpost.com Launches Del.icio.us Tagging

Search Engine Journal


February 2006

Washingtonpost.com Wins Multiple Digital Edge Awards

Pushing the boundaries of a multimedia news site, washingtonpost.com is building a model of a newspaper Web site as an interactive forum. The site’s breadth of coverage, video storytelling and embrace of blog culture and collaborative media make it a standout.




December 2005  

Washingtonpost.com Extends Availability of Archives

WashingtonPost.com will now offer articles for free for 60 days, instead of the previous 14, before putting them behind the paid for subscription wall. The objective of the initiative is to increase traffic and advertising revenues.

It is also, according to Clickz News, "an acknowledgement of the role of blogs, search and RSS, which have all worked to keep news stories in the public eye for longer periods of time."

Editor’s Weblog 

Washington Post Jumps into Open Content in A Big Way  

Washingtonpost.com is the first major media outlet to employ the open content model more broadly.

Among the highlights:

They launched a web site called post/remix.  Here they have a blogger posting what they're doing and linking to their resources.  This will likelty serve as a gallery pointing to mashup examples they find.  You can get lots of different feeds here, and I imaging they'll expose APIs here when they have them..  

Matt McAlister