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Fall Health & Fitness

Fall Health & Fitness section provides breaking news and information as well as highlighting valuable, credible online links and interactive tools.

The articles in this edition provide information for risk-reduction and treatment for conditions - such as sleep deprivation, high cholesterol and asthma - as well as guidance for achieving a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Is A Good Night's Sleep An Elusive Dream? - Sherry Baker

The Antioxidant Diet - Owen Davies

Gut Reaction - Treating a Disease Called GERD - Mark Teich

The Cholesterol Cure - Owen Davies

The Healthy House - E.B. Solomont

Cancer Clinical Trials - the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups

Fighting a Weighty Problem - New Help in the War Against Fat - Sherry Baker

Breathing Easy - New Hope For Asthma - Owen Davies

Anti-Aging Medicine - Pamela Weintraub

Ready to Kick (Cigarette) Butt? New Hope to Stop Smoking - Sherry Baker

Cancer in the New Century - Harmon Eyre, M.D. - WEB EXCLUSIVE

Diet, Physical Activity and Cancer...What's the Connection? - Dr. Tim Byers and Colleen Doyle, RD, American Cancer Society -

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