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August 30, 2007

To our readers


How much do you think you know about what is going on in Russia today? In the past few weeks you may have read the usual enthusiastic reviews of the Bolshoi Ballet, seen surprising pictures of President Putin on holiday or heard of further diplomatic tensions. But these headline-grabbing events barely scratch the surface of this enormous country, which, as our railway traveler on page two points out, is seven days wide and 14 days long. Russia Beyond the Headlines is a new-style supplement sponsored by the leading daily paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russia Gazette). Each issue of RBTH will go behind the news, to give a view of events from a Russian perspective - something not easy to find elsewhere. Russia Beyond the Headlines will bring news, analysis and trends. Our economic pages will acquaint you with the Russian market, its prospects, and its interdependence with foreign countries.

As a host, Russia Beyond the Headlines will show you around the country’s cities and landscapes, arts and culture. In the process, we hope to dispel stereotypes and preconceptions, and help you understand Russia as an historic, complex nation undergoing change in response to the challenges of our times, while trying to preserve its traditions and identity. We have been encouraged by letters from readers, which have shown that there is a thirst for a deeper understanding of where Russia is going today. Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome at editor.usa@rg.ru Russia Beyond the Headlines offers additional information about Russia in the latest multimedia formats through a complementary e-paper version and website http://rbth.rg.ru.

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