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Free for All

Saturday, April 23, 2005; Page A17

No Delay Was Necessary

In making ad hominem attacks on a senator and his staff, Robert D. Novak should take care to at least get his facts straight ["Behind the Assault on Bolton," op-ed, April 14]. Novak wrote, "When Democrats controlled the Senate in 2001, [Sen. Christopher J.] Dodd helped delay for two months [John R.] Bolton's confirmation as undersecretary for arms control."

Mr. Bolton was confirmed by the Senate on May 8. Democrats assumed a majority in the chamber only on June 6, after Sen. James Jeffords decided to abandon the Republican Party.

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-- Jofi Joseph


No Style in the Library?

Regarding "Jackson Accuser's Tearful Mom Takes Stand" [Style, April 14]: I was stunned to see staff writer Libby Copeland refer to the mom as being "dressed like a librarian." In case Copeland has not noticed, Marian the Librarian died a long, long time ago.

I have been a librarian for 30 years. I do not dress "like a librarian" -- whatever that means -- nor do any of my colleagues. But the assumption is prim, proper and on the frumpy side. Most librarians consider themselves to be professional and dress accordingly, and I suspect Copeland could be sitting right next to one on the subway or at her favorite bistro and never even know.

Is there a certain way that reporters dress that announces their profession to the world? We do a disservice to people when we pigeonhole them.

-- Charles W. Walton

Fort Meade

A Cynic's Smoke Screen

Why is it not surprising that a man who has spent his life in the priesthood maintaining his independence from Catholic Church leaders would produce a cynical column on that leadership and their method of choosing a new pope ["Evolution of the Conclave," op-ed, April 18]? Andrew Greeley's mindset about papal selection is reflected in his novel "White Smoke," which contains its share of conspiracy theories.

Given Greeley's history as something of a gadfly, his choice as commentator on the Catholic Church's papal conclave seems problematic.

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