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Blame to Spare at GM

Saturday, April 23, 2005; Page A17

Regarding Allan Sloan's column about the "free lunch" for hourly workers at General Motors [Business, April 19]:

I have been employed with GM in Lansing, Mich., for more than 26 years, most of them in the paint department. I give GM my best every day. Shouldn't GM in return give me a fair pay and benefits package? Why should the hourly workers, who are building the cars, be blamed for GM's financial troubles?

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GM paid $2 billion to buy off Fiat, but how much was written about that? Sloan doesn't realize all that goes into building the car that he drives to work. Does he drive a foreign car, or does he support the American worker?

-- David Thompson II

Sunfield, Mich.

Allan Sloan should have concentrated more on business analysis. He blames GM's pension plan generosity for its woes.

But there is plenty of blame to be placed on GM's arrogant managers, who rested on their market supremacy laurels and refused to innovate to maintain the company's place in the market. If they had done their jobs, they wouldn't have to struggle now to meet their obligations to the people who did do their jobs.

-- Jonathan Carr


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