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Runs, Hits -- and Still a Few Errors

Saturday, April 23, 2005; Page A18

The April 16 Metro article "Chief Complaint at Nationals' Opener: Long Lines" didn't mention that the concession stands accept only cash -- and that ATMs are scarce in the stadium. I know retro stadiums are popular; I didn't realize retro also applied to transactions.

Also, it's impossible to follow the game from any of the sections below the upper deck, thanks to teeny scoreboards, a garbled sound system and no information that I could see as to who's at bat, the ball-and-strike count, etc. I don't expect state of the art at RFK, but I do expect to be able to follow the game from anywhere in the stadium.

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The return of baseball to Washington has been wonderful -- even if I did have to listen to the Opening Day game on satellite radio while sitting in my car in the driveway. The blackout of Nationals games on the Eastern Shore is a disservice to the thousands of retired Washingtonians who live in the Ocean City area.


Ocean City

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