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Dean's Advice: Paint Bush as Radical

Run on Principles, He Tells Democrats

Associated Press
Friday, February 27, 2004; Page A06

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who failed to win a single Democratic primary contest before exiting the presidential race, said the only way his party can defeat President Bush is to stand strong for its principles and paint the Republican as a radical ideologue.

Dean said the Democratic Party should "not paper over its differences with the most radical administration in our lifetime," according to remarks prepared for delivery last night to supporters in New Haven, Conn.

Howard Dean urged his supporters not to desert the Democratic Party in favor of alternative candidates. (Jim Bourg -- Reuters)

"In order to win, the Democratic Party must aggressively expose the ways in which George W. Bush's policies benefit the privileged and the most extreme ideologues," said Dean, who plans to start a political organization that will promote grass-roots democracy and bring new people into politics and support candidates who favor progressive policies such as universal health care.

Dean plans to announce details about the organization March 18.

Dean also urged his supporters to stay with the Democratic Party and warned them not to be tempted by independent or third-party candidates, a reference to Ralph Nader's independent run for president.

"I will do everything I can to ensure that the 2004 Democratic nominee runs as a true progressive, as a champion of working Americans and their hopes for a better future," Dean said. "Because -- I will say it again -- that is the way to win in 2004."

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