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. . . Purged Your Year-End Ghosts

Sunday, December 19, 2004; Page C02

. . . purged your year-end ghosts with a man who has a few of his own. Take a moment to reflect on the disastrous life of Edgar Allan Poe, the macabre author of such works as "The Raven," and you might realize your life isn't so bad after all. Visit his grave site in Baltimore in mid-January and you may witness a mystery that seems right out of the pages of a Poe tome. For more than 50 years, a mysterious stranger has slipped into the site in the middle of the night each anniversary of Poe's birth -- Jan. 19 will be the 196th -- and leaves a bottle of cognac and a few roses, then quietly slips out again without leaving any clue to his identity.

Author Edgar Allan Poe's grave site in Baltimore could offer alert visitors a glimpse of yet another mystery linked to the celebrated poet and short-story writer. (Matt Sheehan -- The Washington Post)

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The Poe grave site is at Westminster Hall and Burial Grounds, 509 W. Fayette St. in Baltimore. The cemetery is open daily until dusk.

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