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Prince William Home Sales

CLIPPER DR., 12519-Erin E. Solaro to Thuhang Thi Pham and Ha Dai, $250,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15182-Jennifer A. and James D. Dean Jr. to Maximiliano Ramirez, $246,700.

COLCHESTER RD., 1406-Teressa L. and Stephen G. Smith to Magdalena F. Carrillo, $270,000.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13310-Beck M. Shimon and Terry J. Dvorak to Tracy W. and Louis W. Rosgen, $455,000.

CONGRESS ST., 1309-Mohammad M. and Farzana S. Amin to Ana M. Salazar, $290,000.

CORBETT PL., 1277-Ali Alasad to Kristin K. Maypole, $315,000.

COSTA DR., 15111-S.A. Rodriguez and Pedro G. Chavez Guevara to Israel Umanzor, $259,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4053-Khadija Abdur Rahman and Dirk Otto to Katrina Gonzalez, $300,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14174-Monica Flinn to Allan E. Toole Jr., $219,900.

D ST., 1308-Robert L. Tomlinson and Leslie M. Alden II to Feliciana Flores and Faustino Huezo, $238,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12222-Catherine H. Wiesen and Brian M. Green to Janie A. Longfellow and David A. Longfellow, $397,950.

DEEPFORD DR., 2718-Tamara and Robert L. Price to Kristi A. Dangoia and James Suddeth, $398,897.

DEL MAR DR., 14453-Roman A. Ruiz to Carl Duran, $310,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12602-Manuel Anguiano to Darwin Garcia and Eva M. Siguenza, $245,000.

EDEN LANE, 12405-Karlyon K. and Walter Robert Conquest to Mohammed Yassin Khorosh, $305,900.

EGRET CT., 15310-Deborah P. and Ronald L. Buch Jr. to Catherine B. and Robert S. Lum, $499,900.

EGRET CT., 15311-Brian M. Chopp to Karen and Peter Campbell, $530,000.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14883-Stephen Perry Marvin to Edward R. Clements, $275,000.

FELTY PL., 14289-Sandra J. Robertson to Sherry Ann Day, $90,000.

FERRARA TER., 4114-Casper Corp. to Patrick Sempiira, $220,000.

FINDLEY RD., 3811-Delbert Marshall Hutson Jr. to Abelardo Rivera, $255,000.

FREESTONE CT., 12936-Linda Hendrickson to Beverly and Larie Fitzgerald, $275,000.

GERALDINE CT., 14083-Donnell Jackson and William Harris to Daryll Griffin, $260,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4518-Jordan Partnership to Rosario Arevalo and William Garnique, $260,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 2868-Rehana Shams and Salahuddin Nasir to Karen Cuellar, $229,000.

GRAN DEUR DR., 13702-Ut and Minh Phan to Rosa E. Chavez and Jose Merino, $292,000.

GRAYSON RD., 14012-Zenaida and Jose H. Pineda to D. Rene and Jose E. Marquez, $310,000.

GRAYTON LANE, 2593-Mary M. and James A. Harris to Dinah and Abena Ekuban, $296,000.

GREENBRIAR DR., 13706-Deanna M. and Curtis C. Adams to Carlos Humberto Reinado Jovel, $317,000.

GREENBRIAR DR., 13736-Mohsen Jedari Chinisaz to Julia N. Maldonado, $280,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13821-Capital Investments Corp. to Sonia O. Sosa and Carlos Sandaverde, $295,000.

GROVE LANE, 4504-Josefa R.B. and Kevin Dean Lee to Jehovanny and Carmen E. Aleman, $340,000.

HEATHERBROOK CT., 1927-Lisa A. and William E. Novitsky to Richard E. Garner Jr., $307,000.

HEDGES RUN DR., 11969-Dwight D. Vanover to Magda V. Burke, $495,000.

HEDROW MEWS, 2021-Susan M. and David A. Thomas to Susan S. Coulson, $475,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4304-Debra F. Glapion to Jose Romero, $296,000.

HERCULES LANE, 4688-Jeffrey W. and Aimee B. Twomey to Black and Black Associates Corp., $199,955.

HILLENDALE DR., 13202-Marie P. and L. Gary Steele to Ashfaq Hussain, $266,000.

HYATT PL., 14908-Cotton Renolder to Marguerite and Bruce Roland, $251,000.

IRONWOOD ST., 1381-Jorge A. and Elisa D. Sanchez to Rosibel Monjaras Machado, $215,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16837-Reinholdine and William J. Westcott to Tamara C. Echols, $299,000.

KATHERINE CT., 1597-G.A. and Donald M. Hales to Georgia Chambers, $310,000.

LACROSSE CT., 3424-Maria C. and Darren D. Cowan to Adelaide Safo and Daniel Amos Abanyie, $420,000.

LEESBURG CT., 5122-William L. Fitzgerald to Heather L. Fitzgerald, $200,000.

LEGERE CT., 3503-Stacie and Eric Mallatt to Monsita T. and Dwayne Greene, $250,000.

LINWOOD LANE, 2502-Michelle L. Wulffaert to Patience A. and Michael J. Otaigbe, $287,000.

LONGBOW CT., 3390-Debra M. and Angel W. Meruvia to Catherine M. and Robert D. Dain, $265,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 1227-Phillip Summerfield to Diana E. Garcia and Julio C. Torres, $259,900.

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