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The Governor's Actions

Wednesday, March 30, 2005; Page B05

These were among the actions announced yesterday by Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) on bills passed by the 2005 General Assembly. The assembly meets April 6 to review the governor's vetoes and amendments.

Illegal Immigrants: Signed Senate Bill 1143 and House Bill 1798, companion bills that bar illegal immigrants 19 or older from receiving Medicaid and other public benefits. "It grants exceptions to children, and it grants an exemption to . . . emergency situations," Warner said.

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Off-Shore Drilling: Vetoed Senate Bill 1054. The bill would require the Virginia Liaison Office to help promote a federal exemption to the moratorium on offshore natural gas exploration and development. The bill "encroaches on the role of the governor to direct the activities of the Virginia Liaison Office. Second, it directs the Commonwealth to advocate for federal legislation that has yet to be introduced," Warner said in a statement.

Underage Drinking: Signed House Bill 2255, which makes consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 or providing alcohol to anyone under 21 punishable by up to a year in jail in most instances. "Under current law, it is already a crime to sell alcohol to someone underage and for someone underage to possess alcohol," Warner's statement said.

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