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Google Accommodates Search History Buffs

A SkypeIn account includes up to three phone numbers with different area codes in the subscriber's home country, plus voice mail. Folks who call those numbers pay whatever long-distance fees their own phone carriers charge, even if the recipient takes the call on a laptop one or two continents away.

To date, Luxembourg-based Skype has been known mostly for enabling computer-to-computer calls, a free service that requires use of the company's Internet calling software at both ends. It also offers a paid service called SkypeOut that lets people place calls from computers to regular phones.

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Skype has long been popular with international callers who talk frequently to people in other countries and want to cut their bills.


Opera 8 Takes the Web Stage

People fed up with Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser have a new option -- an updated version of the Opera Web browser, long admired by power users but considered too complicated by some Web novices.

The latest version, released Tuesday, offers tighter security and a simplified interface, although users can still customize Opera to take advantage of its many hidden features. Opera 8, developed by the Oslo company of the same name, also adds a new voice-browsing feature that can read aloud the text on Web pages.

Opera is free if people are willing to have ads displayed in the browser window; an ad-free version costs $39.


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