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Correction to This Article
A March 29 Metro article and a March 30 KidsPost item about the naming of Virginia's state bat incorrectly referred to the Virginia big-eared bat as a rodent. It is a member of the order Chiroptera. Rodents belong to the order Rodentia.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005; Page C16

• The Indonesian island of Nias bore the brunt of Monday's big earthquake in the region. One official estimated that about 300 people had died there. Meanwhile, Indonesia's vice president predicted as many as 2,000 deaths when the final count is in.

• An Alabama girls basketball coach got a big victory in the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday. Roderick Jackson was fired in 2001 after complaining that the boys team at his high school got better equipment than the girls. The court, in an opinion written by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, said Jackson may sue school officials. He claims he was fired because he pushed for a regulation-size gym for the girls, with rims that weren't bent.

The earthquake in Indonesia damaged roads and killed hundreds. (Buyung Tjendra -- AP)

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• A furry rodent called the Virginia big-eared bat has been voted that state's official bat.

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