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EBay Sellers Protest Planned Fee Increases

"We believe that these changes are the right thing to do to ensure the continued success of eBay and the vibrancy of the eBay marketplace."


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Desktop Search by Yahoo

Yahoo last week launched a desktop search software program in trial form, joining Google, Microsoft MSN, AskJeeves and others in the race to help people find files stored on their computers. Yahoo's free program is licensed from a company called X1 and indexes more than 200 file types, including images, music, text documents and e-mail stored in the Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express programs. Yahoo's desktop search program works only on computers running the Windows operating system.


Search for an Online Education

Anyone looking to take self-help or career-enhancing courses online should check out a new Web site indexing the many colleges that offer online education programs. Searchforclasses.com, launched last week, is basically a search engine that lets people hunt for online classes by state, subject matter and several other variables.


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