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. . . Reflected in Rock Creek Cemetery

Sunday, March 23, 2003; Page C02

. . . reflected in Rock Creek Cemetery. There is quite a story to the Adams Memorial in Northeast Washington, but nothing here hints at it: no epitaph, no dates, not even a name. Even the statue, commissioned by Henry Adams after his wife's suicide in 1885, is inscrutable: Its soft features hint at femininity, but Adams was quick to correct anyone who referred to it as "she." Encircled by yews, the figure is easy to find -- a ring of life in a garden of stones. And inside, an owl-winged bench faces the statue protected enough from the hum of nearby traffic to attract the occasional deer and allow you to ponder its meaning for yourself.

Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens created the hooded funerary piece. (File Photo/ Michael Lutzky -- The Washington Post)

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Adams Memorial

The monument is in Section E of Rock Creek Cemetery. Don't be confused by the cemetery's name; it is near the northern end of North Capitol Street at Rock Creek Church Road and Webster Street NW. The cemetery closes at dusk.

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