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Correction to This Article
A Feb. 10 Style column contained an incorrect date for this year's Academy Awards broadcast. The ceremony is scheduled for Feb. 27, not March 27.

The Donald's Plan to Trump ABC: Threaten a Lawsuit

By Lisa de Moraes
The Washington Post
Thursday, February 10, 2005; Page C07

The day the trade papers reported that ABC had greenlighted a biopic on Donald Trump, his dad and his grandpa, NBC used its syndicated show "Access Hollywood" as a vehicle for Trump, NBC's business partner on and star of "The Apprentice," to threaten ABC.

"On the next 'Access Hollywood,' Donald Trump says he "will definitely sue ABC if he finds the network's two-hour biopic on him inaccurate," the show stated in a news release e-mailed yesterday.

Edward Moss has claimed the lead role in E! Entertainment Television's "The Michael Jackson Trial." (Ken Pivak)

ABC says its movie will be based on Gwenda Blair's book "The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire."

"In an interview with 'Access Hollywood's' Billy Bush, Donald Trump says he 'will definitely' sue ABC if he feels there are inaccuracies in the two-hour biopic the network plans on airing about him," the news release stated. The interview was to air last night on the show, which is produced by NBC and syndicated by NBC Universal.

"Trump says he will take legal action if he feels the ABC biopic about his life casts him in a false light," the announcement continued. " 'I will definitely,' he says. 'But as long as it's accurate, I won't be suing them.' "

Sheesh, what a bunch of thugs.

Note to Chris Rock: Sorry, pookie, but odds are you're going to get bleeped on Oscar night.

ABC and the Motion Picture Academy have been coy as to whether there would be a several-second delay on this year's Oscarcast on March 27. Maybe that's because the academy chose Rock to host this year's show in an effort to lure younger viewers and it doesn't want to drive them away with word that Rock and everyone else on the show will be subject to a delay so that ABC can zap anything it thinks might result in its stations getting slapped with an indecency fine by the Parents Television Council . . . oops, I meant Federal Communications Commission.

But, in response to direct questions, ABC is acknowledging it plans to use a delay, as it did in 2004, aka the Year of Janet Jackson's Right Breast. ABC is being coy as to how many seconds that delay will be. Sigh.

Rock said in an Associated Press interview last month that nobody was nervous he'd been hired to host the Oscarcast because "I just came off tour in America, a million people came to see me. They weren't nervous," adding modestly: "How do I say this without sounding like an egomaniac? I don't know a comedian that sells more seats than me in the red states and blue states, so I don't see where I have to change that much." Later, the stand-up comic, former "Saturday Night Live" star and, more recently, HBO concert headliner mentioned that "when I'm in West Palm Beach, Florida," there are old Jewish people at the show. When I'm in Mexico it's Mexicans. Wherever I'm at, the people show up."

Poor Chris, so sweet, so naive, so late-night, so cable, so not prime-time broadcast television.

E! Entertainment Television and satellite broadcaster BSkyB have hired Edward Moss, the guy who did that drop-dead impersonation of Michael Jackson in "Scary Movie 3," to depict the pop star in its reenactments of the previous day's doings at his child molestation trial.

Moss has been impersonating Jackson since 1996, appearing on "Mad TV," "Politically Incorrect," "The Steve Harvey Show," "The Tonight Show" and FX's plastic surgery series "Nip/Tuck" (you can just imagine).

Moss also has played Jackson in various stage shows, including Bette Midler's New Year's Eve 1999 concert in Las Vegas.

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