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Contracts Awarded


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Steiner B. Moore Corp. of Chesapeake, Va., won an $83,716 contract from the Special Operations Command's Naval Special Warfare Group to buy and install mezzanine and diamond mesh cages.

GTSI Corp. of Chantilly won an $83,438 contract from the Department of the Treasury for portable scanners.

Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc. of Portsmouth, Va., won a $71,623 contract from the Homeland Security Department's Coast Guard for dockside repairs to the USCGC Bear.

Intrinsic Semiconductor Corp. of Sterling won a $69,960 contract from the Air Force for research and development services.

Paragon Systems LLC of Herndon won a $68,131 contract from the U.S. Air Force for Hanscom servers.

Dela Technology Corp. of Rockville won a $58,070 contract from the Defense General Supply Center for voltage regulators.

Nurad Technologies Inc. of Baltimore won a $51,576 contract from the Defense Supply Center for antennas.

These contracts were awarded by the federal government to companies in Maryland, Virginia and the District. For more information, call States News Service at 202-628-3100, ext. 266.

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