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One firefighter suffered minor burns, Piringer said.

Anthrax-Related Search of Fort's Labs Ends

Investigators in the fall 2001 anthrax attacks have completed an intensive week-long search of some Fort Detrick laboratories that had resulted in the temporary closure of those facilities, the FBI said yesterday.

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Debbie Weierman, an FBI spokeswoman, said agents completed the search Friday evening at Fort Detrick's U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. She declined to comment further.

Law enforcement sources said last week that FBI agents and postal inspectors were reviewing records and looking for other evidence but that the search did not represent a major break in the case.

Investigators have regularly visited the facility since the 2001 anthrax attacks killed five people and sickened 17.


"We live in an age of technology, but sometimes the sheer fear of physical crudeness is still appealing. Some things never go out of style."

-- Alex Boese, author of "The Museum of Hoaxes: The World's Greatest Hoaxes," on the appeal of egging someone's house. -- Page B1

Compiled from reports by staff writers Jacqueline L. Salmon, Sewell Chan, John Wagner, Maureen Fan and Allan Lengel and the Associated Press.

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