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Thursday, March 31, 2005; Page C14

• Visitors to Ireland, take note: A new law in the country's western regions requires that road signs and official maps be printed in Gaelic, not English. For instance, Dingle in County Kerry is now called An Daingean in Contae an Ciarrai. The patriotic name change affects more than 2,300 sites.

• Nearly 300,000 Bratz Stylin' Scooters are being recalled because their wheels can break, injuring riders. The $30 scooters made by Jurong Dumar Bicycle Inc. have the number 266563 on them. If you have one, call 800-222-4685 for a refund or a new scooter.

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• Oops. Bats aren't rodents, as we said yesterday. They are chiropters.

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