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. . . Had an Island Adventure

Sunday, July 6, 2003; Page C02

. . . had an island adventure. The greatest monuments to the 26th president's legacy are far west of here, but even the nearby shrine is tricky to get to. And while this is hardly "getting away from it all" -- Memorial Bridge buzzes Theodore Roosevelt Island's southern tip -- it is a world apart from Washington. Woodpeckers work on the gnarled trees towering over 21/2 miles of trails, and flowers bloom among the cattails fattening in the swamp. A hike brings it all home.

Maya Berry of Washington snaps a photo of her niece Laura Neme of Michigan. (Stephanie K. Kuykendahl For The Washington Post)

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Theodore Roosevelt Island

Open 8 a.m. to dark. A footbridge provides access. Drivers can reach a nearby parking lot from the northbound lanes of George Washington Memorial Parkway. Call 703-289-2500 or go to www.nps.gov/this.

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