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DataStream Content Solutions

Monday, January 17, 2005; Page E05

Name: DataStream Content Solutions LLC

Location: College Park

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Big idea: Provide technology services to convert mass quantities of documents and data into electronic files formatted to be searchable and stored permanently.

Web site: www.dscs.com

Founded: The firm's roots date back to 1994, but it shifted to its current focus in 1999.

Who's in charge: Mark M. Anstey, chief executive; Edward L. Schulke, chief information officer; Valerie M. Voci, vice president of business development

Funding: $260,820 from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships program

Employees: 27

Big-name customers: Congressional Quarterly, LexisNexis, National Geographic, Environmental Protection Agency

Start-up attraction: "The best part is, I have never enjoyed myself more. I love coming to work every day," Anstey said. The worst part, he said, is the stress that comes from being "manic about making sure we have a nice steady cash flow."

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