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Best price

Sunday, November 28, 2004; Page F03

• In stock trading, a commitment by the market maker to find the highest price for a seller's shares, or the lowest price for a buyer, that is available in any market at that time.

• The centerpiece of a complex new rule that the Securities and Exchange Commission is considering imposing on all stock markets at its Dec. 15 meeting.

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More SEC News

• An extension and modification of the SEC's current "trade through" rule, which now channels significant trading volume to the New York Stock Exchange.

• A step that would give buyers and sellers simultaneous electronic access to all U.S. markets trading a particular stock.

• A rule that could require market makers to post all bid and asked prices, making markets more transparent and liquid.

• A compromise that would allow institutional investors to complete trades more quickly but make it harder for them to camouflage their trading strategies.

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