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A Sorry Situation

I say, "I'm sorry," when what I really mean is "I'm sorry [that I'm in trouble]."

So I'm here to say "I'm sorry," and you can fill in the rest.

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The Yankees changed language in Jason Giambi's contract to remove the word "steroid" when he signed in 2001.
Sally Jenkins: It's a very sorry situation.
Giambi apologized to teammates and friends but didn't say what he was sorry for.
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I'm sorry [I got caught].

I'm sorry [Steinbrenner's making me do this].

I'm sorry [I can't punch one of you in the face].

I'm sorry [that you think steroids are cheating, you lazy self-righteous civilians. Ever seen a ball coming at your head so fast it looks like a sun spot?]

I thank you all for coming today, and I'm sorry. I would like to leave you with one last thing. It's a small poem, written for me by my spiritual advisor, Mr. David Von Drehle:

S is for the steroids I allegedly injected

O means only I can take the blame

R and R is what I took when detected

Now Y can't you just let me play the game?

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