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Bush's Records Keep Trickling Out

John Ashcroft: 49 (2003)

Michael Dukakis: 47 (1988)

Prince Charles: 45 (2003)

Aide Dan Bartlett coordinates the recovery effort on Guard records.

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Herbert Hoover: 43 (1944)

Jesse Jackson: 38 (2003)

Vladimir Putin: 38 (2003)

John Kerry: 36 (2004)

Martha Stewart: 36 (2004)

Joseph McCarthy: 35 (1954)

Rush Limbaugh: 34 (2003)

Pete Rose: 34 (2004)

O.J. Simpson: 29 (1995)

Osama bin Laden: 1 (2001)

"In an unprecedented show of support for the Republican Party and President Bush, 18 percent of the 2004 delegation identify themselves as veterans or active military personnel," the Republican National Committee proclaimed on Aug. 16. It added that "approximately 140 delegates identify themselves as currently serving in the U.S. military."

That would indeed be an unprecedented show of support. Pentagon Directive 1344.10, dated Aug. 2, 2004, states that active-duty military personnel may not attend political conventions "unless attending a convention as a spectator when not in uniform." Serving as a voting delegate would appear to go beyond the "spectator" role that is permitted and into the prohibited realm of "participation."

An RNC spokesman said the "active military personnel" actually referred to reservists and National Guardsmen, who are not on active duty.

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