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Lowering the Boom

Or there's the "Behind the Scenes Tour" of places such as "Main Street, USA," where you could meet Mickey himself.

There are plenty of discussion panels to be attended -- or skipped -- and hundreds of industry contractors to chat with. Industry folks are picking up the tab.

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_____Special Report_____
Social Security

If you can't get a spot -- they're pretty full -- not to worry. Some exceptionally fine skiing awaits in March at the Big Sky Resort in Montana during the week-long electronics industry conference.

Having 30,000 for Launch

Local events planner, caterer and nightclub manager J.R. Calloway has signed up as a part-time protocol officer to help NASA handle logistics, transportation and entertainment for the 30,000 people expected to attend NASA's next launch at Cape Canaveral in May.

When we checked in with Calloway five years ago, he was managing a nightclub near Andrews Air Force Base called "Classics." One of the club's most popular features was a troupe of exotic male dancers, starring Slick the Ruler.

Unclear whether Slick will be going to the Cape.

Col. Mustard in the Library With the Wrench

Washingtonians closely watched Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice's hearing yesterday, searching for clues about her policy views. Don't strain too much. Here's our report on now outgoing Secretary Colin L. Powell's remarks four years ago.

"Responding to wide-ranging questions at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Powell called for continuing sanctions on Iraq, engagement with China, talks with North Korea, U.S. involvement in Middle East peace negotiations and greater attention to Africa."

Well, the China policy, after a rough start, is about right.

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