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Four Car Bombings Kill 16 in Baghdad

Shaking and pale, she protested: "What kind of crazy people do attacks in the middle of two hospitals, one of them with women and new babies? What kind of jihad is this? Is it jihad against women and babies?"

Car bombs subsequently exploded outside an Iraqi military base near an abandoned airport in central Baghdad and near Baghdad International Airport. Five people were killed in those explosions, according to local media reports.

An Iraqi policeman secures the scene of a massive car bombing that killed two people near a building housing employees of the Australian Embassy in Baghdad. (Ghaith Abdul-ahad -- Getty Images)

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Photo Gallery: Scenes from Wednesday morning's attacks throughout Baghdad.

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Later Wednesday, a video posted on the Internet showed two Iraqi men who said they worked with an American communications firm setting up facilities for the election. The video showed the men being shot dead from behind, the Reuters news agency reported from Dubai.

It said the kidnappers identified themselves as members of the radical group Ansar al-Sunna Army and said the killings were meant "to be an example to others. This is the end of all apostates who help the crusader forces in Iraq in their war against Islam."

Near Baiji, U.S. military officials said, three men were assassinated and another apparently taken hostage in an ambush after they left the northern city. The missing man and two of the dead, apparently workers who had inspected an electrical plant there, are foreigners of "unknown nationalities," an Army spokesman said, adding that none was American.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a Japanese engineer was kidnapped in a highway ambush in central Iraq after working at the power station in Baiji. It could not immediately be determined if the reports referred to the same incident.

Other casualties included an Iraqi police officer killed in a car bombing in Hilla, about 60 miles south of Baghdad; a Kurdish election worker gunned down in Baghdad; and a bystander fatally shot in an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the head of a police academy in the northern city of Irbil, according to wire reports and the Polish military.

Fighting flared in Mosul between insurgents and Iraqi and U.S. forces. And in Baqubah, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, clashes between insurgents and Iraqi police left a woman and teenage boy wounded.

Special correspondents Naseer Nouri and Sahar Nageeb in Baghdad, Hassan Shimmari in Baqubah and Salah Saif Deen in Baiji contributed to this report.

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