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. . .Gone Sledding on a Snow Day

Sunday, February 1, 2004; Page C02

. . . taken advantage of a snow day and gone sledding. Whether you have a classic runner sled or just a piece of cardboard, careening down a hill is a quintessential winter activity for the young and the young at heart.

Sandy Tremel, daughter Tanya, 4, and dog Kody enjoy a hill in Purcellville. (Hyosub Shin For The Washington Post)

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There are plenty of good sledding locations in the Washington region, including possibly your own back yard. Although there are no "official" sledding hot spots, the old dentistry school on the Georgetown University campus in Northwest Washington or the Masonic Temple off King Street (near the King Street Metro station) in Alexandria both have good hills. But all you truly need is an incline clear of obstruction and a willingness to have a little fun.

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