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. . . Gone Soft in Fort Washington

Sunday, June 22, 2003; Page C02

. . . gone soft in Fort Washington. There's something about summer that says soft-serve ice cream, and there's something about Hovermale's Tastes Best that keeps calling folks back to Prince George's County. What is it? It's right there in the name. A local institution since 1954, this roadside stand serves up a delicious chocolate-and-vanilla swirl cone. Or try the towering "upside down banana split." Either way, summer never tasted better.

Hovermale's classic stand is easy to spot just south of the Capital Beltway. (File Photo/James M. Thresher -- The Washington Post)

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Hovermale's Tastes Best

9011 Livingston Rd., Fort Washington; call 301-248-2710.

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