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How They Could Lose

Miami has made dramatic strides this season for a program that had a difficult time in recent years drawing respectable crowds for its home games. But the Hurricanes are unfamiliar with the intensity level of the ACC tournament. The challenge of winning on consecutive days, likely against some of the best programs in the country, is daunting.

Guillermo Diaz is a superb talent with NBA potential, but he is unaccustomed to the atmosphere of the ACC tournament. One of the reasons the ACC was so heralded in the preseason was because of the number of guards returning from last season. Each has ACC tournament experience.

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Miami's big men have learned their roles well. They don't take bad shots or force the offense. They rebound and set screens for the back-court players.

Said Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg: "The unsung heroes are the big guys, [Will] Frisby, [Anthony] King and [Gary] Hamilton. They do all the dirty work.''

But against North Carolina's Sean May, Duke's Shelden Williams or Wake Forest's Eric Williams, the Hurricanes' front court will have more than it can handle.

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