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Below the Beltway

Stop! I Can't Stanza It

It's a crime to make the news rhyme

By Gene Weingarten
Sunday, December 19, 2004; Page W05

Hallmark's rhymes don't keep up with the times

Even in greeting-card seasons.

Wisely, they choose to steer clear of the news,

(Eric Shansby)

(Here are six very good reasons).

- - -

Tortiously Optimistic

Some say that lawyers are bad to the bone,

That they're America's case of arthritis,

That they're crooked and personal-injury-prone

And as rich and as greedy as Midas.

"Not true," they protest, nearly popping their lid,

"But, speaking of sore-joint conditions --

If you ever took Vioxx (or will say that you did)

We'd be happy to sue your physicians."

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