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On the Green In the Buff

By Richard Leiby
Wednesday, September 15, 2004; Page D03

Naked golf: It's not an Olympic sport yet, but a tabloid TV show may be bringing more publicity to the notion than some area golf courses and adult clubs would like. "Inside Edition" yesterday showed blurry images of topless female caddies and beer servers wandering the links at the Virginia National Golf Club near Leesburg and the Hope Valley Golf Course in Mount Airy, Md.

Shooting footage from a helicopter, the show didn't expose any naked duffers, but did get video of "naked strippers serving booze to golfers," it announced in a press release. Turns out that both courses happened to be hosting events on Aug. 16 featuring topless talent.

No backside nine? "Inside Edition" captured topless caddies. (Inside Edition)

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At Virginia National, it supposedly was a charity tournament. Golf director Cliff Boyd told us: "I never saw nakedness, but I didn't go on the golf course." The man who organized that event, Bill Bayne, said: "I'll never do it again." Bayne, who owns Arlington's topless Crystal City Restaurant (slogan: "Home of the Hottest Women in Town"), declined to identify the charity. He also told us, "I didn't see anybody naked" and offered: "A topless bar does a charity and some girls take their tops off -- oh, that's surprising!"

The same day, Hope Valley was the site of what seems to be a semi-annual event featuring strippers from the Baltimore club Kaos. The golf course did not return our calls, but Kaos manager Bud Winter, asked if strippers were serving as beer maidens, told us: "That could possibly be."

And wives wonder why golf becomes an obsession for some husbands.

Local Distributor Is Fired Up by Trump's Latest Endeavor

• Drink like a comb-over reality show king: If you're not full up with Donald Trump-mania yet, slake your thirst for more with authentic Trump Ice water, available in 16-ounce bottles featuring his mug. Commercial real estate broker Ann Page of McLean recently became its wholesale distributor for the Washington area. "Trump told Barron's that his name brand is now worth $100 million, but the public can buy it for $1.50 a bottle," she tells us. That's a discount from other markets: "It just wasn't competitive in this area for $2."

(Melissa Cannarozzi - For The Washington Post)
She and real estate agents Barbara and Diane Lewis hosted an "Apprentice" viewing party last week, and 75 guests toasted the Donald's second season debut. If you simply must serve Trump Ice at your next party, local retailers include Cecile's Fine Wine in Gaithersburg and McLean and the Vineyard in McLean. We're sure he'll appreciate it.


• It's never too early to announce for Senate in Tennessee (just ask Rep. Harold Ford Jr.) . Country music star Tim McGraw is aiming to put on his political spurs 13 years from now. "I want to run for the Senate from Tennessee," he tells Time mag this week. "Not now, but when I'm 50, when the music dies down." Besides: "Wouldn't Faith make a great senator's wife?" he asked of his other half, sexy singer Faith Hill. His political party, you wonder? Consider his affection for Bubba: "I love Bill Clinton. I think we should make him king. I'm talking the red robe, the turkey leg -- everything." We think he's serious.

• MSNBC may be flagging in the cable news ratings war, but it does have a No. 1 ranking in Keith Olbermann. Playgirl magazine's tallies are in and it looks like the anchorman's robust campaigning has earned him the highly coveted sexiest male newscaster title. Winning nearly a quarter of the 50,000 votes cast, Olbermann beat Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity and CNN's Anderson Cooper, who placed second and third, respectively. Fox's Shepard Smith was fourth, and "60 Minutes's" Andy Rooney and CNN's Bill Hemmer tied for fifth place. (We're sure Olbermann's victory had nothing to do with his size-14 shoes, since you can't see them on camera.)

• A Washington book party where the author wasn't shilling books? True: There were only a few copies on hand at New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd's soiree at her Georgetown home Monday night as well-wishers celebrated her first tome, "Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk." She observed that it's a bit tacky to expect guests to line up with cash and credit cards. On the other hand, no harm generating publicity: C-SPAN briefly covered the party. Notables on the guest list: Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Lanny Davis, Alan Greenspan and wife Andrea Mitchell, Jim Kimsey, Joe Wilson, Bob Baer, Tim Russert and wife Maureen Orth, and Christopher Buckley. Buckley seemed in good spirits about his brand-new novel, "Florence of Arabia," saying with a laugh: "It's always a good idea to have your book come out the same week as Kitty Kelley's."

A Real Stand-Up Guy

• Who knew Redskins owner Dan Snyder had such a sense of humor?

Though he has a rep for being prickly, Snyder charmed the sold-out crowd at Nathans restaurant's community lunch yesterday with one-liners. Asked what major changes have taken place among the staff since head coach Joe Gibbs's return, Snyder quipped: "They don't golf as much anymore." The major difference between him and former team owner Jack Kent Cooke? "I've only been married once," Snyder said.

And when will he sell the team? "When I'm dead."

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