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Condit Denies Levy Romance

'We Were Friends,' Ex-Lawmaker Says of Intern Slain in '01

By Allan Lengel
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 12, 2005; Page A06

Former representative Gary A. Condit denied in a court deposition having had a "romantic relationship" with slain intern Chandra Levy, a statement that was challenged yesterday by Levy's family.

Condit's denial came during a pretrial deposition he gave in September as part of an $11 million defamation lawsuit he filed against author Dominick Dunne, who has suggested that Condit was involved in Levy's death.

Gary A. Condit's deposition was taken as part of a defamation suit.

A tape of the deposition was aired yesterday on NBC's "Today" show, triggering renewed public interest in the 2001 unsolved homicide.

Under questioning by Dunne's attorney, Paul V. LiCalsi, Condit was asked to describe his relationship with Levy, 24.

"We were friends," Condit said on the videotape played on NBC.

"Did your relationship ever become a romantic relationship?"

"No," he said.

"When you say you were friends, did it ever become more than just friendship?"


"Did she ever indicate she loved you?"

"No," Condit replied.

L. Lin Wood, Condit's attorney, then successfully objected to questions concerning any sexual activity.

Yesterday, Wood said his client was merely characterizing the relationship with Levy. He said sexual activity -- if there was any -- was irrelevant to the lawsuit and that Condit would not comment on such matters unless ordered to by the court.

"Gary Condit answered every question posed to him . . . except for questions that were destined to expose areas regarding his sexual history with Chandra Levy or others," Wood said. "This lawsuit is not about sex. This is about accusations of murder."

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