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Condit Denies Levy Romance

LiCalsi yesterday accused Condit of playing word games. He said Condit refused to answer questions about whether he and Levy had had an affair.

A federal judge in New York, where the defamation suit was filed in 2002, has ordered Condit in a follow-up deposition next month to answer any questions about his sexual life deemed relevant to the lawsuit.

Gary A. Condit's deposition was taken as part of a defamation suit.

The former Democratic congressman from Levy's home district in Northern California came under intense scrutiny after her disappearance in May 2001 amid revelations that the two were having an affair. Police have said that he is not a suspect.

Levy's skeletal remains were found in May 2002 in Rock Creek Park in Northwest Washington, about four miles from her Dupont Circle apartment.

Shortly after her disappearance, Condit publicly described his relationship with Levy as a "friendship." But privately, he told investigators that he had an affair with Levy, law enforcement sources familiar with the case reiterated yesterday.

Reached by telephone at her home in Modesto, Calif., Susan Levy, Chandra's mother, would not comment on the deposition. But Condit's testimony drew a sharp rebuke from Chandra Levy's aunt. Linda Katz, formerly Linda Zamsky, has said that Levy told her about a love affair with Condit.

"I don't know what he's hiding. . . . I only know he lied," Katz said.

Condit's statements in the deposition went beyond what he said in two interviews in 2001 and 2002. Both times, he declined to say whether he and Levy had an affair.

"I have not been a perfect man. I have made mistakes in my life," he told Connie Chung on ABC-TV. "But out of respect for my family, out of a specific request by the Levy family, it is best that I not get into the details of the relationship."

When CNN talk show host Larry King asked if he had a relationship with Levy, Condit replied, "You know, we're not going to go into that."

Staff writer Sari Horwitz and researcher Bobbye Pratt contributed to this report.

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