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Posting Up An irreverent look at the series:

Hinrich Hard To Ignore

Bulls lead series, 2-0 NEXT GAME Saturday at MCI Center, 3 p.m. Comcast SportsNet, TNT

Thursday, April 28, 2005; Page D01

By Mike Wise

CHICAGO, April 27 -- It was not just the pyrotechnics of Ben Jordan this time. The Kirk Hinrich maneuver killed them, too. One long jump shot at a time, the indefatigable Chicago Bulls guard sent the Wizards home down 2-0 in their first playoff series in eight years.

Hinrich, his shaggy jet-black mop covering his forehead, looks like he climbed out of a Gap commercial -- and into the Zone. He exploited Washington's poor perimeter defense, making all five three-pointers he attempted and pumping in 34 points.

The Wizards' Jared Jeffries, left, and Antawn Jamison will try to regroup at home after the Game 2 loss. (John Mcdonnell -- The Washington Post)

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It looks mighty bleak for the D.C. Five, especially since the franchise last won a playoff game in 1988 and last won a postseason series in 1982. This is so long ago that, at the time, Journey was thought to have more staying power than U2.

Chicagoans are obviously thinking sweep, believing they are going to South Beach to wrestle with Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade. They are wrong.

Herewith, then, 10 reasons why it's not over:

1. Before Game 3, Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan, longtime purveyor of the Princeton offense, finally installs the Princeton Defense.

The Wizards have interestingly been running the same defensive sets that sent the New Jersey Nets to two straight NBA Finals. Same pick-and-roll defense. They overload sometimes to make sure the ball stays on one side of the court, just like New Jersey. The difference is the Nets' Jason Collins takes more charges than the entire Wizards' team.

2. Gilbert Arenas, who missed 8 of 12 three-point attempts, will stop shooting and instead have 39 assists and four points.

3. Andres Nocioni, unable to locate his passport, will be deported back to Argentina.

4. He will take Kwame Brown with him. (Actually, Kwame is due for a good game at home, where he is booed like Juwan Howard despite not yet signing for $100 million.)

5. The Bulls are not that good. They start three rookies, an offensively challenged forward in Antonio Davis and one of the more obscure post players to come out of Georgetown in Othella Harrington. At one point, these impostors had Tyson Chandler, Eric Piatkowski, Jannero Pargo, Adrian Griffin and Harrington on the floor at the same time. That's not a playoff team; that's an expansion draft.

6. Home-court advantage.

7. Uh, the Wizards are 29-12 at home.

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