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Thursday, January 20, 2005; Page C15

Reaching Their Goals

• Janek Mela and Earl Boykins both dream BIG.

Mela, a Polish teen who lost two limbs in an accident two years ago, hiked to the North and South poles last year. Mela, 16, reached the South Pole on Dec. 31 after a two-week journey across 120 miles of frozen terrain. He used an artificial left leg but had no substitute for his missing right arm. In April Mela hiked to the North Pole. He said the treks were "proof that if you want something very much, you will do it."

Boykins, meanwhile, set an overtime scoring record (15 points) during a National Basketball Association game Tuesday. At 5 feet 5, Boykins is the league's smallest player. He's two feet shorter than Yao Ming, for example, and regularly plays against guys who tower over him.

A Mixed Report Card

• The National Zoo is giving better care to its animals but still has room for improvement, a special panel says. See story, Page A1.

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