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Weis Gets Crowd Warmed Up

His first task is teaching his offense to his new assistants. Improving special teams also is a priority.

"I thought special teams here stunk," Weis said. "So all the front-line players, they're all playing special teams.

"I'm 48 years old, I've never been in a program that's lost. Everywhere I've been, we've won," says Charlie Weis. (Joe Raymond -- AP)

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Weis drew laughter and applause when he mentioned that USC Coach Pete Carroll was a friend "but he's never really done great against me."

The two-time defending national champions have beaten Notre Dame by 31 points in each of the past three seasons. And he said they are clearly much better than the Irish.

"That's the problem," he said. "Notre Dame has got to get to the point where that's the ability of players we have here."

At one point Weis told the students the Miami Dolphins were interested in hiring him, but Notre Dame is where he wants to be. At another point, he said an NFL team (he would not identify the team) called the night he flew in to accept the Notre Dame job and told him they wanted to hire him.

"I intend to be here a long time. I'm not three-and-out," Weis said. "My goal is to be able to leave this campus on my own terms about a decade from now with everyone saying, 'God, I'm glad we hired that guy.' "

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