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Friday, January 21, 2005; Page A33

"We want Bush to know that he is being watched and that not everyone wants him to be president."

Heather Fuller, 22, of Florida

"They just started spraying. I wasn't really doing anything."

Casey Spoelman, 17, of Michigan, hit by pepper spray released by police during a scuffle with protesters at Seventh and D streets

"I felt it was my duty, almost, to show that there is a different side, that it's okay to express a different side."

Jayse Pacelli, 18, after an overnight bus ride with protesters from New York

"I don't like it, but I know it's their freedom to do it."

Shelly Jackson, 42, of Mississippi, watching protesters turn their backs and raise middle fingers at the president's motorcade at 12th and Pennsylvania

"It really does piss me off that people are so selfish that they can't give him this one day."

D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams, on what he described as inappropriate displays along the parade route, including obscene gestures and vulgarities shouted in front of children

"One guy who was holding a barricade broke off a board and took on seven cops. That's when they broke out the pepper spray. It was awesome."

Betsy Chase, 25, of the District, describing a confrontation

at Ninth and F streets

"Hey, hold up, listen up. That ticket you have means you are not going to have any fun."

Matt Zaccarino, 25, a protester talking to ticket holders as they went through the barricade at Third and Constitution

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