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Tenet, Krongard Alter CIA Power Structure

By Vernon Loeb
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 1, 2001; Page A21

CIA Director George J. Tenet and his new executive director, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard, told CIA employees late last week they plan to abolish the agency's Directorate of Administration so that support personnel would work much more closely with CIA operatives, analysts and scientists.

"If you think this is a realignment on paper only, think again," Tenet told 500 employees in the main auditorium at CIA headquarters and several thousand others watching on closed-circuit TV.

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"You have over four years done outstanding things for your country -- of this there can be no doubt. We are doing great. I would not be here today announcing these changes if I did not believe fervently that CIA will even be better off in a profound way," Tenet said.

Under the reorganization scheduled to become effective June 4, the functions of the Directorate of Administration will be centralized in five entities -- information technology, finance, security, global support and human resources.

The heads of those entities will join the CIA's Executive Board, where they will be on a par with the leaders of the agency's three primary power centers, the Directorates of Operations, Intelligence, and Science & Technology.

"For those of you who will report to one of the new managers, I have some good news," Tenet said. "Through them, you now have equal stature on the Executive Board. And you will have unprecedented authority to eliminate redundancy and ineffectiveness."

Krongard, former head of Alex. Brown & Co., a Baltimore-based investment bank, devised the reorganization after embarking on a 30-day review following his appointment as executive director in mid-March.

"I am a firm believer that all of us joined the CIA because we are committed to the agency's mission," Krongard told agency employees, "not because we want to be part of some government bureaucracy."

THE 'A' TEAM: In announcing the new management structure, Tenet called the CIA's new slate of managers "one of the strongest, most diverse and corporately directed teams in the history of the agency."

Here, by office, is the lineup, which consists of 11 white men, six white women, an African American woman, an African American man, and an Asian American man:

• Directorate of Operations: James Pavitt, deputy director; Hugh Turner, associate deputy director; Barry Royden, associate deputy director/counterintelligence; and Pat Hanback, associate deputy director/resources, plans and policy.

• Directorate of Intelligence: Winston Wiley, deputy director; and Jami Miscik, associate deputy director.

• Directorate of Science & Technology: Joanne Isham, deputy director; and Jim Runyan, associate deputy director.

• Finance: Mary Corrado, chief financial officer; and Cindy Bower, deputy CFO.

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