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Filter's Farewell

My Own Best Hits List

I've picked a Top 10 list of my favorite columns (and a few honorable mentions) that have run since August 2002. Some of these columns were among those submitted last year for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists awards -- Filter was selected as one of the best online columns written in 2003. Here are my favorite Filters:

1. "Google's Eyes In Your Inbox" (April 2, 2004): Privacy concerns over Google's e-mail service.

_____Filter Archive_____
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More Past Issues

2. "A Year Later" (Sept. 11, 2002): A look at how tech companies, Web sites and others remembered the terrorist attacks.

3. "Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley" (Oct. 10, 2002): The Supreme Court hears an important copyright case pitting tech concerns against some Hollywood icons.

4. "Bloggers Let Poll Cat Out of the Bag" (Nov. 3, 2004): Bloggers make a name for themselves (for better or for worse) for reporting exit-poll results on Election Day.

5. "Someone To Watch Over Us" (Nov. 21, 2002): The Pentagon's failed Total Information Awareness data-mining program to fight terrorists. A follow-up column ran on this topic on Feb. 12, 2003, "The Big Brother Dilemma."

6. "United We Stand Against the Pirates" (Jan. 15, 2003): Tech players get involved in the digital piracy debate. A follow-up column, "Anti-Piracy vs. Privacy," was a good review of an important legal case by the entertainment industry against Verizon.

7. "Hollywood's One Strike Policy" (Nov. 17, 2004): The Motion Picture Association of America takes on file swappers.

8. "Blogging Goes Mainstream" (Dec. 20, 2002): A look at the then-newer trend of blogging. My follow-up column on "Readers Favorite Blogs" is a runner-up, for providing a fun set of reader-approved blogs to review.

9. "Blogging the War: A Guide" (March 28, 2003): A review of blogs dedicated to covering the U.S.-led war in Iraq. A follow-up on April 9, 2003, "The Great Blogging Ethics Debate," showed how war blogging had to get a crash course in ethics. I wrote a series of war-related Filters in March 2003. See "The Total Information War" from March 20 for another example of Filter's war-time coverage. I also wrote a "War on the Web" series that drew a lot of feedback from readers, including both doves and hawks.

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