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Coach Named AD at Freedom

Qualls Follows Father's Footsteps

Sunday, January 23, 2005; Page PW08

Brad Qualls was named Freedom High School activities director Wednesday night, and one of his first orders of business will be to replace Brad Qualls the baseball coach.

Qualls, the son of Hylton AD Jim Qualls, takes over for Greg Margheim, who helped open Freedom last fall. Margheim left this month to become AD at Brooke Point High School in Stafford County.

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Before arriving at Freedom, Brad Qualls, 27, had been a four-year baseball assistant at Hylton and was head softball coach for one year at Eastern Randolph High School in Ramseur, N.C.

He also was a Hylton football assistant and a Freedom football assistant last fall.

"It's something I've always wanted because I've seen my dad and how much fun he has and how much he enjoys his job," Qualls said. "When the opportunity came, it was hard to let it slip by -- brand new school. It doesn't get much better than that.

"I'll be involved in every activity, just in a different way. . . . With me already knowing the coaches, it made it that much easier."

Qualls said he expects to interview baseball coach applicants this week. Practice begins Feb. 22. He said Freedom will not field a varsity softball team this spring. The school also did not field several other varsity sports this season, including volleyball, swimming, golf, field hockey and gymnastics.

Qualls said he is prepared for the inevitable comparisons with his father. For one thing, the elder Qualls is known for being persnickety about keeping his athletic fields in shape.

"I'll try to get my field looking a little nicer than his," Brad Qualls said, joking. "That's going to be the competition."

-- Preston Williams

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