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A Lewis Black Flashback

By Richard Leiby
Wednesday, April 6, 2005; Page C03

Try as you might, it's hard to suppress all memories of your high school prom. For comedian Lewis Black, who grew up in Silver Spring, the flashbacks just keep coming. Promoting his new book, "Nothing's Sacred," at Olsson's in Arlington Monday night, Black was stunned to see in the audience his senior prom date from Springbrook High, Cyndy Coleman.

After the Class of 1966 schoolmates, now both 56, hugged, she gently took issue with Black's account of their parting in his book. "I said, 'I'm the prom date, and you shouldn't tell these nice folks that I broke up with you right after the prom. It was a couple months later,' " Coleman, who now lives in Vienna and works as a manager at a law firm in Washington, told us.

Lewis Black with Prom Date Cyndy Coleman
Lewis Black with Prom Date Cyndy Coleman
A high school reunion for Lewis Black and Cyndy Coleman. (Courtesy Lewis Black)

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The question looms: Did the 18-year-old Black get lucky that night?

"No, but it wasn't for a lack of begging," he told us. (Confirmed Coleman: "Definitely there's truth there.")

Tonight even more prom memories are in store for the rant-prone stand-up comic and "Daily Show" regular: He headlines the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner in the very same Washington Hilton ballroom where the prom was held. The prom's theme was "Cast Your Fate to the Wind," and Black says his approach at the politician-packed gala won't be much different.

"You can't have any jokes!" he moans. "Entertaining in Washington means never having to say a joke."

Was there wariness about booking Black because of his connection to Jon Stewart's Republican-bashing show? "There was concern, but there's always concern," he said. "I mean, I'm not Will Rogers. Boy, I wish I had some sort of a half-cracker delivery. It sort of helps: That half-drawl delivery draws them in."

President Bush, who gets all glib and folksy at such dinners, could appreciate that, but he won't be there -- he's attending the pope's funeral. Vice President Cheney will handle administration humor duties.

Channel 9's Rude Awakening

• Name that tune: Channel 9 is profusely apologizing for broadcasting an explicit lyric from a Snoop Dogg song during its Saturday morning newscast. Anchor Lesli Foster, who had just previewed an upcoming "Petline 9" segment about an orphaned rabbit looking for a home, gasped off-screen after the X-rated snippet aired at 7:50 -- just before an orange juice commercial.

Someone's in the Dogg house at WUSA after airing Snoop's explicit lyrics. (Adam Butler - AP File Photo)
Several viewers complained to the station about the lyric, which instructs listeners to "just throw your hands in the [bleeping] air." It comes from the rapper's 1993 song, "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

WUSA anchor Derek McGinty told viewers Monday night: "There is no question the music used was very inappropriate and it does not reflect the station's standards or values. A terrible mistake in editing the music led to it getting on the air, and actions are being taken to make sure that never happens again."

We hear that a weekend news producer is in hot water for the slip-up, but station president Darryll Green told The Post's John Maynard yesterday: "We really don't discuss personnel issues."


• Yo, "Rocky" fans: The boyhood home of Sylvester Stallone is for sale in Silver Spring. Asking price for the three-bedroom Cape Cod: a mere $725,000. Sly himself visited his old digs, at 1956 Seminary Rd., in 1996. Stallone's pop, Frank, owned beauty parlors in Silver Spring.

• Rumor control: Reports were circulating in Baghdad last week that former U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer was returning to Iraq to help its fractious politicos form a government. But conspiracy theorists can rest easy: We're told that Bremer is ensconced in Washington working on his memoir, doesn't want to go back to Iraq and is highly amused by the entire notion.

• From boy-band member to mayor? That's the leap Justin Jeffre, one-fourth of 98 Degrees (on hiatus since 2002), wants to make in his home town of Cincinnati. "We've forgotten how great this city can be," says Jeffre, 32, who wants to replace Mayor Charlie Luken, the incumbent Democrat, who has said he won't seek re-election. "I am serious about this, and I intend to win," said Jeffre, who plans to run as an independent. Taking a cue from fellow 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey and wife Jessica Simpson, stars of MTV's "Newlyweds," Jeffre hopes VH1 will make a reality series out of his run for office.

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