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Transcript: Bush Selects Johanns for Agriculture Secretary

For the past four years, I want you to know that it has truly been a privilege to work on these issues with Secretary Ann Veneman.

JOHANNS: She's been a great friend to the ag community, and I look forward to building on her good work.

Mr. President, you have said that agriculture is the cornerstone of our economy and that the strength of agriculture contributes to the strength of our great nation. As governor of a state that is the fourth largest exporter of ag products, I've been able to witness firsthand your leadership, and I have been able to see your commitment to strengthening the nation's ag community.

Your administration and the fine men and women of the Department of Agriculture have strengthened America's food and ag system for the benefit of farmers and ranchers, rural communities, the environment and the American consumer.

If confirmed by the Senate, I look forward to advancing your rural agenda for the 21st century.

There are challenges ahead, but I know that my colleagues and I from the Department of Agriculture will answer the challenge.

I will close my comments where I started. Mr. President, thank you so much for this honor and for this opportunity.

BUSH: Good job.

JOHANNS: Thank you.


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