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The After-Party: 'Rockville' and Other Riddles

First celebrity crush: " Michael Jackson, during his Afro days. I purchased the magazine Right On! every week as soon as it came out. I never had to worry about painting my side of the bedroom, because my Michael Jackson posters were all over the walls. My older sister Cheryl's side was covered with posters of Jermaine."

If I could name Washington's baseball team, it would be: "Washington Players, since the proposed new stadium would be located near the strip clubs."

Mike Mills, Michael Stipe and Peter Buck were among VIPs at Zaytinya. (Jack Pierson)

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Nobody knows I: "Can shake a tail feather -- dance. At the Winter Gridiron at Greenbrier resort in 2003, I did the Booty -- in the White Room of all places."

If I weren't a political pundit, I'd be: "A teacher. History, civics, citizenship class, you name it. But I would never venture into home economics. I was bad at sewing, I could never set a table. I knew from an early age I could not be a housewife. But, baby, I can cook with the best of them. If you can smell it, I can cook it."

For president I'd nominate: " Oprah. I think she should be on the shortlist for 2012. Hell, if Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger can run and win, she can. That's the last campaign I want to work on."

Adult entertainment name (childhood pet plus street name): Lucky Filmore. "Wow. I'm okay with that. I don't think I'd be good for the porn business, though."

Simmons, Voting For Empowerment

• "I'm pumped from the Stairmaster," hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons huffed and puffed to us yesterday during his morning workout, touting his voting for change concept: the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.

This too involves musicians (among them Nelly, Wyclef Jean, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Eminem and Mary J. Blige) rallying to register and propel new voters to the polls. "We have four buses out on the road right now," says Simmons, who rolls into town tonight to promote entrepreneurship as the keynote speaker for Southeastern University's 125th anniversary gala.

Simmons's nonpartisan coalition has turned out tens of thousands at 26 nationwide events where artists talk for hours about empowerment. "It's not a Bruce Springsteen concert," he points out, but more akin to teach-ins of the 1960s. He also suggests that the movement is not as well covered: "I'm not sure that John Kerry knows about it."

Without citing hard figures on new voters, Simmons vows: "The hip-hop community is going to pick the president, and the numbers are going to shock people. . . . It's going to shock America."

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