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Stolen Steaks!

Breadline, Downtown

Best thing he ate this summer: A sandwich of grilled ciabatta bread, rubbed with fresh garlic, topped with anchovy paste, tomatoes from Potomac Vegetable Farms, coarse gray salt, MacEvoy olive oil and fresh arugula leaves.

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Coming off the summer menu: Tomatoes. "We have five tomato-based lunch dishes right now, but then we'll banish tomatoes from our restaurant for eight months. I refuse to serve tomatoes that aren't local and as good as nature intends them to be."

Coming on the menu for fall: A panino with Oak Grove Farms fresh organic cheeses on walnut-raisin bread. A hot dog of the day, including merguez (North African lamb sausage) with Tunisian salad, corn dog, Chicago hot dog and chili dog. And pizza kits (par-baked pizzas to take home and bake in a few minutes).

Sleeper hit of the summer: Soft-shell crab sandwich. "We get our crabs from Baxter's on the Eastern Shore. When prices went up this summer, our price went up, too, and I thought our customers would fade. We sold 72 of them on Thursday and Friday."

Customer story of the summer: "Nothing I do with customers is considered funny by rational people."


Chef Geoff's, Wesley Heights and Penn Quarter

Best thing he ate this summer: Steamed lobsters and steamer clams at Abbott's Lobster in Noank, Conn. "You're right there, overlooking the Connecticut shore, drinking a beer. You can't go wrong."

Coming off the summer menu: Swordfish with plums. Peach cobbler.

Coming on the menu for fall: Fried green tomatoes and pureed hard-squash soups.

Sleeper hit of the summer: A linguine with mascarpone cream, roasted corn and baby tear-drop tomatoes. "It was nice and light and summery, but with everyone on Atkins you would think we'd sell four a night, not 40."


The Crossing at Casey Jones, La Plata, Md.

Best thing he ate this summer: "In Manhattan at Ginger, a sushi bar, I had a banana crunch -- a spicy tuna-banana roll. I've added it to the menu on sushi nights, Wednesday and Saturday."

Coming off the summer menu: Everything.

Coming on the menu for fall: Ostrich. Housemade pastas. A lot of duck and lamb.

Sleeper hit of the summer: A 16-ounce, apricot-glazed pork chop with hummus-mashed potatoes and Brussels sprout slaw.


2941, Falls Church

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