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At the Corcoran, an Audiovisual Feast

Wednesday, April 20, 2005; Page C02

Sight and sound converged at Monday's intriguing concert by the Contemporary Music Forum. The Corcoran Gallery audience heard works -- in first-rate performances -- by Frederick Weck, Eric Chasalow, Robert Gibson and Judith Shatin as well as a piece co-authored by Steve Antosca and percussionist Tom Teasley. All in all, it was a night of kaleidoscopic musical building blocks juggled in endless combinations of audio and visual elements. All five works used electronics, three adding traditional instruments to their collages.

In Chasalow's "Over the Edge" (David Whiteside's flute merging with computerized sounds) and Shatin's "Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing" (David Jones on amplified clarinet and multichannel audio), both composers enfolded familiar instrumental effects (flutter-tongue, harmonics and abrupt melodic turns).

Gibson's brief "Brood X" was a curiously amusing essay juxtaposing the buzzes, whirs and chirps recorded from last year's onslaught of cicada choruses. Weck's "Video V" used colored lines projected on a screen (evoking Washington artist Gene Davis's "stripe" paintings of the '60s) fused with computer-processed audio in a soundscape of shifting textures, timbres, dynamics and tempos.

The evening's dazzler was Antosca and Teasley's "something else," joining real-time computer-processed sounds with percussion. A one-man band, Teasley let go with ancient non-Western tambourines, drums, bells and an eerily resonant instrument resembling a mini spaceship.

-- Cecelia Porter

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