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Gibbs Keeps Redskins on Course

But losing three to Clemson after beating them 13 straight times has me asking: What's up with that?

Chinatown on Thursday night was jumping, a full house at the China Doll, owner Emma Lee calling business "great" -- a surprise to me since I never thought the ACC was a Chinese food conference, especially compared to the Big East. . . .

There is no doubt that Joe Gibbs has the last word on any moves involving the Redskins. And don't expect him to put up with pouting or players who put money above the team. (John Mcdonnell -- The Washington Post)

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak walking Seventh Street, his presence prompting me to recall that Kupchak's back injury was significant in the decline of the Bullets. When was that? Only 25 years ago. . . .

WTOP ad salesman Jeffrey Wolinsky made his fifth straight ACC tournament appearance, noting, "I'd rather be in North Carolina, where I wouldn't be commuting back and forth to work." Meantime, our sidewalk drummers seem to startle some ACC fans, many of whom look like they should be on the driving range at Pinehurst and not at a college basketball game. . . .

Miami pep band in Tommy Bahama-like shirts, shorts and sandals, oblivious to sub-40 degree temperatures outside, the school's enthusiastic dance team not reminding me at all of the University of Florida cheerleaders, circa 1960. . . .

The Cavaliers' mascot clearly a winner, Virginia fans excited by the team's 66-65 upset of Miami's Tommy Bahamas, and thrilled Elton Brown made 3 of 5 from the line, while Pete Gillen lived to coach another night.

Short Hops

Nationals Update: Still no television deal, with Peter Angelos trying to milk every dollar in guarantees of the worth of his franchise when it's sold, guarantee annual O's revenue and the better of a two-team regional sports network. At this rate, the first Nats telecast will come around the all-star break, unless Bud Selig can close the door on this man.

Single-game tickets went on sale, but Opening Night (April 14) tickets won't go on sale until March 26, until owners of mini-plans get their shots. Who said life is fair?

HOK seems to be the front-runner to design the new waterfront stadium, with my suggestion that it take on the appearance of old Griffith Stadium (which I never saw, but who cares?) gaining momentum and my suggestion it be called National Park near Union Station (just to tweak the boss in Baltimore).

Metro deciding whether to keep the subway running after midnight on game nights, if the games go long, or there's a rain delay. Duh? Even I, who gets confused by the Blue and Orange lines, can figure out if trains take you to the game, they ought to take you home after the game. . . .

Farewell to Glenn Davis, Heisman winner of 1946 and Mr. Outside on Army's fabulous wartime teams, who died last week. Great player. . . .

And, what's wrong with a congressional hearing on steroids with baseball players testifying? Who should testify, big-game hunters?

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