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Fairfax Home Sales

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 9967-Laurence M. and Sharon H. Schwartz to Scott P. and Karyn P. Ousley, $346,000.

HUBER CT., 9122-Kevin A. and Andrea L. Lane to Eric J. and Mary A. Briggs, $385,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5877-Ronda S. Lee and Yang Y. Bok to Kyung In Kim, $330,000.

KOZIARA DR., 6548-Robert P. and Christina T.M. Otto to Steven V. and Laura J. Key, $460,000.

MANET RD., 9916-Earl M. Caudill and Karlaine C. Caudill to Darren and Dana Gorman, $460,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10215-Donald M. and Jemma W. Bishop to Livingston Yonhee Lee, $465,000.

MOCKINGBIRD POND TER., 6206-Karen S. and Michael D. Mason to Lisa A. and Darrell John Chichester, $300,000.

PETER ROY CT., 9392-Hyemi Kim to Ok Sim Baik, $380,000.

POINDEXTER CT., 9679-Kamran Bashir and Anita Murad to Christopher K. Cronkhite and Jennifer Tran Cronkhite, $339,500.

RUFFNER WOODS CT., 5200-Thomas H. and Carol D. Parnell to David H. and Penny S. Downing, $489,000.

SADDLEHORN CT., 6611-John M. McKay to Sang Ock Kang, $430,000.

SILCHESTER CT., 9141-Mostafa and Silvia Balile to Hyoung K. and Mi K. Moon, $400,000.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5737-Anne K. Richards to Charles R. Heath, $325,000.

WINNEPEG DR., 6124-Kevin F. and Veronica J. McCrohan to James L. and Angela M. Packett, $600,000.

WOODEDGE CT., 6051-Ned W. Fredrickson and Leah K. Schafer to Sylvia S. Delatorre and Donald M. Simon, $550,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CT., 5847-Kush and Tejinder Khatri to Sanjay K., Nidhi, Sunil and Sharda Setia, $325,000.

Centreville Area

ASTRID COVE, 6277-Irene Ellis to Eugene P. Byas, $251,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14132-David McKendry and Rebekah W. Frye to Chris M. Holcomb and Robert W. Akers, $288,900.

BASINGSTOKE CT., 6044-Thomas S. Palmer to Necdet Ozcelik, $280,000.

BATTALION ST., 6206-William D. and Barbara A. Genda to Hyung Hwa Nam and Min A. Nam, $300,000.

BRIDLINGTON CT., 13812-Samuel C. and Deanna M. Taylor to Hassan Dahir, $365,000.

CABELLS MILL DR., 13811-William J. and Melanie M. Hildbold to Steven T. and Pamela L. Brumet, $437,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5898-David L. and Tammy L. Taylor to David D. and Alma R. Salinas, $275,000.

COMPTON LANE, 6921-Charles W. and Lilly J. Leung to Andrei T. Chicu and Aliona Bejenuta, $308,000.

COMPTON VILLA DR., 14316-Robert L. and Andrea P. Craig to Thomas R. and Rachel D. Campbell, $635,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14450-Gina M. Conejero to Hakan and Elif Kaygisiz, $214,900.

DEER HILL CT., 6058-James Carroll and Daungjai Inlupate to Robert C. and Corey B. Elliott, $240,000.

FARMING WAY, 14610-Gerald A. and Dayle J. Darnell to Kristina and Matthew Murphy, $335,000.

GABRIELLE WAY, 14126-Tarik and Yara Essawi to David, Theodore J. and Marlene N. Parker, $339,900.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14207-Stefan C. Plesea and Ioana Raceanu to Alexei Marshakov, $380,500.

GOLDEN OAK CT., 14408-Raymond H. and Ronald Scott to Carina F. Garcia and Emil Mendoza, $187,000.

GROBIE POND LANE, 14721-Won and Yu J. Bae to Hyun Mi and Kyung C. Lee, $332,000.

HAVENER HOUSE CT., 14358-Theresa Duah and Ebenezer K. Duah to Rodolfo Elmore, $242,600.

HERITAGE CROSSING CT., 5720-Anthony D. Dorsey to Yun Lun Steve Wan, $285,000.

HONSENA DR., 15132-Harry J. and Carolyn H. Soderberg to Bryan Scott and Pamela Frean Gehle, $502,450.

HOVINGHAM CT., 6934-Kelly R. McCarthy and Steven M. Lovecchio to Christopher C. Weber, $312,500.

INDIAN SUMMER CT., 14616-Daniel A. Ohr and Elizabeth A. Greenwood to Arben and Vjollca Bakllamaja, $385,000.

JADE POST LANE, 6742-Jong Kwang and Jung W. Moon to Sung W. Chang, $450,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6863-Charles R. Ball to Azzam Alam and Aicha Bouhamidi, $357,000.

MIDDLEBOURNE LANE, 5456-Rassoul and Deanna L. Teimouri to Jasmine Kaur and Shibu Vakkachan Vattathara, $350,000.

NORTH SLOPE ST., 14364-Sterling L. and Michelle D. Wingo to Stephen V. and Patricia J. Pisone, $502,000.

PALMERSTON SQ., 14826-Jeffrey J. and Irene J. Cortazzo to Jeffery S. and Jennifer R. Dyer, $270,000.

PAPILION WAY, 14332-Bruce and Denise Braaten to Sherina M. James and Man Vannthath, $345,000.

PLEASANT FOREST DR., 5155-Todd A. Butler and Wade A. Fisher to National Residential Nominee Services, $1.26 million.

ROCKTON CT., 6058-Armando M. Enriquez and Rodora E. Enriquez to Angelica B. Stevens, $316,000.

ROSEBUD LANE, 6011, No. 102-Myung S. and Eun J. Chung to Lisbeth Z. Weglarz, $185,000.

ROSY LANE, 14302, No. 33-Carmen Serrano to David L. Dunford, $245,000.

SHIREY LANE, 6327-Kathleen Earl to Joshua A. and Linda M. Raditz, $315,000.

SMITHAVEN PL., 15440-David L. and Arline M. Mundt to Richard S. Kim and Susan E. Ahn, $625,000.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14521-Judith Ann Smith to Baek Jin and Sung Bok Yoon, $180,000.

STARGAZER TER., 13550-D.J. Connelly to A.N. Chitre and Narendra B. Chitre, $449,000.

WETHERBURN DR., 15149-S.M. and J.L. Wear to Doyle J. and J. Whittaker, $654,000.

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