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To Get Rid of Tailgaters, Reader Suggests Slowing Down

Thursday, October 14, 2004; Page GZ22

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I have to side with Don Juran ["Signals Can Help Turn Away Tailgaters," Extra, Sept. 23] in thinking that slowing down gradually is the best way to deal with tailgaters.

I know you suggest moving to the next lane on the right, but what does one do when she or he is tailgated in the right-hand lane?

That has happened to me a number of times, most often on Interstate 95 north of Baltimore. The apparent reason is that the driver is planning to make a right exit -- some five or 10 miles ahead. These people are lazy as well as stupid!

Each situation has to be judged individually, but generally I think that allowing these maniacs -- as you aptly call them -- to run the rest of us off the road is counterproductive.

Carl Yaffe


We want to put the maniacs ahead of us as fast as possible. That's why I suggest moving to the right.

Courthouse Switch

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I received a letter from Montgomery County Parking Citation Services about a change in the date and time for my hearing about a parking violation. I decided to call and confirm it.

A lady acknowledged that the change was correct and then asked if I knew the location had also been changed. The letter did not mention any change in location. If I had not called, I would have gone to the wrong place.

Since there are undoubtedly many others who will go to the original location and then possibly be late getting over to the new one, I made another call (240-453-0113) to find out if letters were to be sent out about a change in location.

That lady said letters would be sent out, but in an answer to my query as to whether I would be getting one before my court date, she said, "I doubt you will."

The new location for my trial is not at 8665 Georgia Ave., but the new District Court at 8552 Second Ave. in Silver Spring. The telephone number there is 301-563-8500 in case anyone wants to confirm where to go.

John Christian

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