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... Made a Pilgrimage to Religious Shrines

Sunday, June 23, 2002; Page C02

. . . made a pilgrimage to Washington's religious shrines. It isn't exactly the Holy Land, but it sure looks that way. The Franciscan Monastery in Brookland -- which features large replicas of Jesus's birthplace, the cave at Gethsemane and even the Holy Sepulchre -- offers an "alternate reality" tour of some of the holiest sites in Christendom. One eerie highlight: the Roman catacombs, the shadowy underground where early Christians hid from their pagan oppressors.

Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monestary in Brookland houses recreations of sites in the Holy Land. (Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post)

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1400 Quincy St. NE; donation requested; for information on tours, which are given daily on the hour, call 202-526-6800 or visit the Web site at www.pressroom.com/{$322}franciscan

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