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Loudoun Home Sales

EDGARTOWN ST., 43233-Lynn G. Kelly to Jyotsna Umesh and Singh Umesh, $466,700.

FRANCIS SQ., 43054-Karen M. and Paul S. Hunter to Rehab Osman and Mohamed Abdel Aal, $357,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42918-Misty G. Kisling and Mark McGuire to Brian W. Dack, $330,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42936-Sher Shoja to Leila Melhem and Michael Smith, $359,000.

GREEN FERN CT., 25650-Pulte Home Corp. to Sharon T. and Timothy J. Griswold, $653,000.

HARTWOOD DR., 26001-Kelly W. and Paul J. Buzzelli to Karen J. and Matthew A. Johnson, $419,000.

KATAMA SQ., 43194-Luz M. and Michael P. Snyder to Amy Benavitch and Gary Alleva, $320,000.

LOCHDON LANE, 43316-Angela L. and Daniel R. Bailey to John Koprowski and Irene Carter, $620,000.

LOCKLEAR TER., 42754-South Riding Partnership to Lisa and Sergio Morales, $361,373.

MAYHEW LANE, 42230-Marion W. and William R. Gillions to Roger W. Hoback, $600,000.

MIMOSA TREE CT., 25574-Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Sharon and Paul Link, $932,828.

NELLIE CT., 25891-Ryland Group Inc. to Mary Gail and Jason J. Waterfield, $617,507.

NEWCOMER TER., 42699-South Riding Partnership to Matthew Luik and Claire Brunton, $334,181.

RACHEL HILL DR., 25989-Geraldine and Howard W. Boswell Sr. to Vedika V. and Vinay J. Pande, $392,500.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25714-Pulte Home Corp. to Rehana B. Khan and Zahid Anjum, $540,725.

SPRING FARM CIR., 25820-Ryland Group Inc. to James Connolly, $623,565.

TUTHILL LANE, 43182-Tina M. and Cory S. Hoffman to J. Yoerges and Robert G. Seeley, $565,000.

VALIANT DR., 43280-South Riding Partners Partnership to Wendy M. and Douglas H. Oakford, $652,033.

WENDELL ST., 26089-South Riding Partners Partnership to Gauthami and Chowdhary Gondy, $582,041.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. N., 512-Cheryll A. Pease to Gary L. Sensenig, $325,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21841, No. 300-Bhagyavathi R. Dorai to Maria Dilma Munro, $210,000.

BELFORT ST. N., 720-Carol D. and Elizabeth Chargois to Jennifer C. and Stephen A. Weetman, $320,000.

BROOKFIELD CIR., 10-Lynn M. and Eugene Louis Coon Jr. to Jacqueline Reynolds, $309,000.

CANFIELD TER., 21797-Barbara A. and Gary P. McKelvey to Qasima and Sherindil Shoja, $300,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 28-Melissa D. and Anthony S. Orange to M. Cifuentes and Maria Cifuentes, $221,000.

CONCORD CT. N., 814-Jane E. Hughes to Shannon Sorrels, $205,000.

CORNELL DR. E., 410-Darlene L. and Jerry D. Earley to Shannon and George Cumberledge, $154,700.

CORNELL DR. E., 440, No. 4-Ginger K. Gash to Aimee Bramley, $114,900.

GABLE SQ., 45398-Scott P. Raymond to Kara E. and Rory P. McNulty, $285,000.

GILES PL., 616-Jennifer Smith and Charles J. Beckert to Jose Lopez and Marta Lopez, $230,000.

HAYLOFT CT., 120-Melissa and William Ward to R. Kaur and S. Kaur and Sawaran Dhillon, $215,000.

HOLLY AVE. E., 1309-Jose A. Lobo to Gladys C. and Carlos Cerda, $339,000.

HOLLY AVE. E., 1312-Michael Rowlands to Melissa Burch, $271,000.

HOWARD PL., 9-Robert A. Middleton to Jian Jiang and Qiang Zhao, $212,900.

KENNEDY RD. N., 118-Rita and Shyam Rupaketee to Sharon E. and Dennis M. Newman Sr., $338,550.

LANCASTER SQ., 314-Rob Fredericks, trustee, to Keri Sue Johnston, $169,500.

MARGATE CT., 1040B-Ana Guadron and Manuel A. Rivera to Rafael and Heather Sanchez, $165,500.

MARIGOLD CIR., 21751-Milagros and Alfredo Cortez to Kelly J. and David W. Peck, $210,000.

MAYFIELD SQ., 22326-Be and Sipaphay A. Manivong to Allyson Bellomy and Michael Darling, $209,000.

MAYWOOD TER., 21840-Lawanda K. Poindexter to Ngoc Tuyet Nguyen and Quang Phan, $290,000.

NALLS CT., 116-Diane and Michael E. Bradford to Rebecca L. and Joseph J. Hines, $390,000.

NORWOOD CT., 1069-Courtney B. Davis to Christian Kavookjian, $164,800.

REGIS CIR., 14-Michelle M. and Stephen R. Nehrt to Marcos Melendez, $239,900.

REGIS CIR., 6-Donna Mercer and Ralene Mercer to Brenda Jacoby and Rodman E. Arnold, $215,000.

SUDBURY SQ., 71-Richard J. Wiersteiner to Martha V. Ellis, $175,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 317-Rosalie A. and Joseph R. Singer to Lucio Lobos Andrade, $310,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 508-Kevin P. Stakem to Jing Ming Chen and Shuang Jin, $310,000.

TAMARACK RIDGE SQ., 21492-Sara K. Kerpchar to Mary Joan Hartz, $339,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1040-Andrew C. Peterson to Angel Demers and Jeffery Woodall, $206,900.

WARWICK CT., 1034-Kim E. Gundolfi to Cecilia G. Rubio, $215,100.

Waterford Area

FACTORY ST., 15679-Diana H. and Terry O. Arney to Samuel Pierce and Connie A. Kosman, $625,000.

NINA CT., 14672-Linda R. Erbs to Brinn M. McKone and John C. Jones, $485,000.

WATERFORD RUN CT., 15595-Burke Homes Corp. to Linda R. Erbs and James M. Nagy, $775,000.

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