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No Pain, No Gain?

By Art Buchwald
Thursday, February 17, 2005; Page C04

A message from the Buddy Chat Room:

Is there anyone out there who believes torture is a good idea?

-- Hang Thumbs

What do you mean by torture?

-- Nervous Cat

Doing illegal things to another person to get him to talk. In war, information is the most important weapon.

We would like to acquire it with satellites, but sometimes it's better to gather your intelligence on the ground. That's where torture comes in. As a great statesman has said, "You go to war with what you've got."

-- Thumbs

Was what they did at the Abu Ghraib prison considered torture?

-- Cat

It was in the ballpark. We knew there were inmates there that knew something, but we didn't know who they were and what they knew or when they knew it. The Army and CIA were assigned the task of finding out.

-- Thumbs

Frankly, I had no problem with that except the photographs they took showed women torturing the inmates with dog leashes, sexual perversions and other unseemly acts. I can expect that of men, but not women.

-- Cat

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